December’s Newsletter

Next Year: Month’s of Awareness  
We are really excited to start our new newsletter series based on the months of awareness. People seem to be so aware of all of the various diseases, cancers, social issues and illnesses that we thought it would be super beneficial to not only continue to raise awareness about these various issues, but to also start a conversation about how music therapists can be beneficial to these populations and situations.

2019 Topics  

To start off the year we will be focusing on winter sports and Traumatic Brain Injuries,   and continue with eating disorders, cancer, stroke, autism, deaf-blind awareness, and so much more. If there is a specific cause you feel passionately about, let us know and we will try to incorporate it into our series if it is not already.

Social Media

We will also be introducing some of the people who are involved in the success of Ignite Music Therapy through our social media posts. If you have not already done so like our page on facebook and follow us on instagram @ignitemusictherapy.          

IMG_0085.jpg              IMG_0084

Thank you!

As this year draws to a close, we would like to thank all of our followers and wish you all safe travels! We hope your holiday season is full of wonderful memories of friends and family, near and far.


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