Ignite Music Therapy is a privately owned music therapy practice that serves the Salt Lake City area. We are dedicated to helping others experience the impact music can have for people in all capacities.

Music naturally elicits emotional responses that can be very powerful, reaching into our hearts at a deeper level. Do you ever listen to a song and it elicits emotions you didn’t know you had? Did a live performance give you goosebumps or bring an unexpected tear to your eye? It speaks to us in ways we don’t always understand, but it can ignite a passion inside us that is unmistaken in its strength.

The name Ignite was inspired by the deep emotional connection we have to music, but also recognizing the physiological responses as well. One of the amazing things about music is the wide range of activity it stimulates in the brain. While interacting with music, all regions of the brain light up and are active. The combination of these two ideas, emotional and physiological, spark the dedication to Music Therapy as a healthcare profession; to provide cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual benefits for a wide range of people.

Ignite Music Therapy Staff

Rachel Kucera


Rachel Kucera, SCMT, MT-BC, is a board certified music therapist and licensed music educator. She received a Bachelors of Music Education with Music Therapy degree from Wartburg College in Waverly, IA. She completed her music therapy internship at Primary Children’s Hospital and has worked with a variety of populations including students who have Autism, Deaf Blind students, students with physical and cognitive disabilities, as well as infants and toddlers on early development. Rachel’s passion is integrating music therapy into the school setting. She also teaches piano, guitar, and ukulele in Salt Lake City. 

Rachel loves to travel anywhere and everywhere. She also enjoys hiking adventures, kayaking, and absolutely loves dogs!