Music Therapy

What is music therapy?

Music therapy is using music and elements of music as a therapeutic medium to achieve non-musical goals in cognitive, social, emotional, behavioral, and physical domains.

Who do music therapists work with?

We serve a variety of individuals ranging in age and ability levels. These populations can include (but are not limited to) individuals with autism, cognitive delays, developmental delays, physical deficiencies, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury, etc.

Where do music therapists work?

Some music therapists work out of their homes, schools, hospitals, day facilities, clinics, and many more!

What can music therapy help with?

Music therapists work with a variety of people on very different things. Some work with clients to increase cognitive skills such as attention, academic skills, and memory. Others help with gait training and regaining movement in different parts of the body if someone was in an accident or lost mobility. Some even work with people on emotional processing and self/emotional expression through songwriting. Others help clients with relaxation techniques and calming. There are so many ways music therapy can be beneficial for an individual. If you think of any situations or have any questions about music therapy, contact us and we will start those conversations!


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