It’s Ignite’s Anniversary!

Welcome to Ignite Music Therapy’s August newsletter edition reviewing all of the great things that have happened since we started!

It’s Our Anniversary!  

August is a very special month for Ignite Music Therapy, LLC because we have been in business for one year as of this month and so much has happened! Since starting the business the number of clients and students has doubled, and will even be tripling in the fall! I have had so much fun shaping this business and working with everyone!


This year we were able to create an in-home music therapy studio and have been able to start working with clients at our location, which I have really enjoyed. Our social media sites have also been very active and we recently reached 200 followers on instagram! I love that we can help spread awareness and knowledge about music therapy to others through social media sites. The more we share accurate information, the more people really come to understand the importance of music therapy.

We have also been talking about partnering with a phenomenal speech therapist to provide more opportunities for our clients to learn about both speech and music therapy, as well as provide co-treatment sessions to help benefit our clients even more! If you are interested in learning more about co-treating and what that looks like, send us an email at We will make sure to keep everyone updated on the status of these partnerships as they develop (hopefully getting physical and occupational therapists involved as well). Be on the lookout for more information in the coming months!

There has also been an interest in the community about contributing to newsletters and having guest writers scheduled for month’s throughout the year. If you are interested in sharing a piece about how music has positively impacted your life or someone you know, send an email at We would love to hear from you!

Things to Look Forward To! – Partnering with other therapists
– Guest writers for newsletters and blogs
– Growth!

Contact us!If there are any topics you are interested in learning more about, let us know at


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