September Newsletter


Welcome to Ignite Music Therapy’s monthly newsletter! Each newsletter will cover a different topic ranging from what music therapy is, different populations who benefit from services, different practices and techniques, and a newsletter discussing the differences of traditional music lessons and adapted lessons. If there are any topics that you as a reader would like more information about, feel free to send your suggestion to

This month’s letter is focusing all about Ignite Music Therapy, LLC and how it came to be.

About Rachel

I will start out by introducing myself. I am a board certified (MT-BC) and state certified (SCMT) music therapist and licensed music educator. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Music Therapy as well as K-12 Music Education from Wartburg College in Waverly, IA. After completing my coursework I finished my music therapy internship at Primary Children’s Hospital and have worked with a variety of populations including students who have Autism, Deaf Blind students, students with physical and cognitive disabilities, as well as infants and toddlers on early development. I have many passions, one of them being integrating music therapy into the school setting. Outside of my career, I love to travel, go on hiking adventures, kayaking, and I absolutely love dogs!

How Ignite Came To Be

To elaborate more, after internship I worked as a contractor for a couple of great music therapy private practices in the Salt Lake area which allowed me to get lots of experiences in different populations and settings. I worked a lot with the Autism population, which I have always had a passion for. I enjoy leading music therapy sessions with this population, but then started to develop an even stronger passion teaching these individuals how to learn new instruments. Teaching music lessons that are adapted to each student’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their interests. After thinking more about this and doing some research, I realized that there are not very many people who offer these services and even fewer people who have both a music therapy degree along with a music education degree. It was then that I realized that I could be offering something very unique and utilize all of my training and experience to create a space where individuals yearning to create their own music and wanting to learn how to do it on their own could get the best experience possible.

As I thought more about the potential and possibilities of starting a music therapy practice that also focuses on lessons, I was eager to help spark that passion in music for others. I wanted to help them ignite the music that is within so many people, but haven’t had the opportunity to fire up that passion and excitement due to a lack of options. This is how the idea for Ignite Music Therapy, LLC all started.


If you would like to read more specifics about the name Ignite, check out the ‘About’ page on our website:

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